Large target market opportunities in the diagnosis and treatment of diabetes

· Highly differentiated intellectual property base protected by a series of directly-owned (3) global patents

· Exceptional team of scientists as directors of research with established reputations in the fields of    endocrinology, diabetes, clinical trials and biomedical engineering; widely recognized in the diabetes space

· History of collaboration with influential leaders in the diabetes research and cell technology fields, as    evidenced in research contacts and investigative collaborations with major universities 

· Promising data from a series of animal studies and human subjects administered transplant with a 5 year follow-up, validating the safety and efficacy of our treatment and the microencapsulation method 

· Our patented technologies have broad applications; we are interested in exploring strategic partnerships that bring incremental expertise, resources, geographic reach and disease area knowledge to our platform

· Altucell sees high value in forming select, strategic collaborations 

* Strategic Investor is Sterling Pharmaceuticals of Italy (, a specialty pharmaceutical products manufacturer.

Financial Plan

To date most of the development has been funded by the CEO & founder. The company’s results and strategic positioning based on sound science with a remarkable technical/medical team are now well positioned to make Altucell a highly attractive corporate partner with enormous licensing income potential across numerous diseases. 

The Company is now seeking funding for:

· Research & Development for the next 18 months on the 3 diseases outlined in the Road Map

· Preparation of IND materials for submission to AIFA (Italian Reg. Agency)

· The head of the FDA for cell division is requesting that our Italian documents be submitted for a pre IND meeting with the FDA, to define the remaining requirements for clinical trials 

· Corporate SG&A expenses