The time is right for new therapies and cures: 

· Multiple blockbuster drugs have been launched in the past ten years for other 
autoimmune    diseases 

· Improving outcomes is being reimbursed, including adherence methods, incentive 
models,   opening up for platform technologies 

· Focus on immunology and regenerative medicine, areas where platform technologies could    be expanded into other autoimmune and chronic diseases

· Multiple examples of higher than above ROI in the life sciences diabetes space: Novo    Nordisk, Lilly, Minimed, Animas, Dexcom, Insulet, etc. 

Many patients of numerous diseases can benefit from cell-based therapeutics, but fibrosis has presented a barrier to the success of these cell-based approaches. Altucell provides a unique, controllable and dose-adjustable approach to delivering protein therapeutics that will not trigger fibrosis in the body. This allows for the long-term treatment of many debilitating diseases without the need for immune suppression (rejection drugs) that is traditionally associated with allogeneic and xenogeneic cell therapies.

Unlike gene therapies, our proprietary cells are engineered ex vivo to produce high levels of protein at a controlled rate without the risk of introducing a gene construct into a patient’s own cells which has resulted in serious safety concerns with gene therapies. 

The benefits of Altsulin/Altustem result in a superior product that is safer, durable and can be re-dosed, if necessary. Our encapsulated stem cells approach is a new modality that allows us to create programmable and controllable systems to deliver therapeutics with greater precision than those technologies that rely on manipulating a patient’s own genome.